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Elevate your business tasks to strategic triumphs with our Strategy VIP Day. Carefully crafted to streamline your brand's journey through email marketing, social media, blog launches, holiday campaigns, and significant occasions such as the esteemed National Write Day, this day empowers you to transform your to-do list into a well-structured outline that propels your brand forward.

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Unlock your business's full potential with expert strategies tailored just for you.

In the world of business, it's not just about hard work; it's about working smart. With our VIP day, get the edge with plans that place you two steps ahead of the competition.


Meet The Expert

I'm Traci Howell, with over fifteen years in customer service and freelance writing. From journalistic composition to managing major social platforms, my passion is helping businesses like yours stand out and shine.

Hear it from the those I've worked in the past

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Strategy VIP Day Highlights

  • Comprehensive brainstorming session to understand your goals.

  • Tailored strategies addressing specific business challenges.

  • Actionable plans you can start implementing right away.

  • Post-session support to ensure seamless execution.

Customize Strategy Durations
(Select your strategic timeline)

3-Months Plan Strategy Call: Four hours of on-to-one session over at Voxer, and by the following morning, you'll have a comprehensive three-month blueprint.


6-Months Plan Strategy Call: Four hours of Voxer discussion, and subsequently receive a detailed four-month strategy roadmap.


How It Works


No need to clear your entire calendar! With the Strategy VIP Day, you can choose your date while still doing other things. You just need to ensure you'll have time to send information, ask questions, listen to responses and engage in conversation. Currently, I offer Strategy VIP Day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


If you don't have a Voxer account, that's alright! It's free and easy to set up.

We'll connect on Voxer.  You'll answer a set of questions I'll send prior to your VIP session so I'll be able to hit the ground running with you right away.


On the day of our Strategy VIP,  I'm all ears for 4 hours! It won't be a 4-hour-long continuous chat, and you won't be expected to stay glued to your phone waiting for immediate replies.


Instead, we'll exchange messages throughout the day at a steady yet relaxed pace. We can either tackle everything in a condensed timeframe or spread our conversation out over the course of the 4 hours.


The true value of the Strategy VIP Day lies in our meaningful and productive exchanges. With comfortable pauses between messages, we create room for thoughtful discussions, allowing us to deeply understand your goals, brainstorm ideas, gain fresh perspectives, and meticulously create a strategy perfectly tailored to your business needs during the next three or six months.

Join the Ranks of Successful Entrepreneurs.

If they can do it, so can you! With the right strategies in place, the sky's the limit.

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