As we move through an ever-changing, digitally connected world, Victory Assistants offers a wide variety of services and is constantly learning more techniques to ensure the best up to date services are available for you when and where you need them most.



Social Media is a necessity for all businesses. It helps businesses grow, grows your audience and can help determine where to take your business. In order to make social media work for you and your business, you need someone who can do the behind the scenes maintenance.


I can help with post content, creating watermarked images for posts, scheduling posts and more.


I can help with file naming for SEO purposes, creating pins to post, scheduling posts, increase marketing, assist with affiliates, creating watermarked images and more.


I can help build your following, creating posts, scheduling posts, InstaShop, InstaLive and more.


1.4 billion people log into Facebook groups monthly. 400 million people are active in their Facebook groups.

As your Facebook Community Manager, I can help you nurture your business, help your business grow and make more money for your business.

I assist your followers by engaging with them in a Facebook group setting. This builds loyalty to you and your brand. I can use this to build up your brand, help launch new products and much more.

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Pinterest is one of the largest search engines available while still being part of social media. Pinterest is a great way to get your business, brand, or products seen.

Pins are what current and future customers see. A good pin can result in a click onto the blog, product, how-to which can help result in a purchase or save. 


Words have a way of taking up your time.  You try so hard to get just the right word you need. Our minds start to hear what they think you wrote rather than what is actually written.

I can free up more of your time by editing or proofreading all of your documents, be it emails, thesis, dissertation, SOPs, new rules or something you simply want to ensure is completely correct.

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Content Creation is important for every business. It is what helps sell the business as well as helps build a following and your brand. 

I can help with content ideas, writing emails, transcribing, assistance with writing, outlining and layout of soial media posts and pins.


 Blogs are a great way to connect with your followers. It is a way to share your knowledge as well as cree\ate calls to action.  Blogs are also an amazing way to build your email list.

I can help you with your blog posts. I can assist with content ideas, customize graphics, photos, and pins, SEO, help Monetize and Promote, utilize Affiliate Links, Scheduling, Updating old Blog Posts with new content, Opt-ins, Links, Pins, Transcribing Facebook Lives into Blogs, and Ghost Writing

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Having your business found online is key to your business' success. In order to have your business found, you must be able to optimize you SEO. I can help with SEO for past, present and future posts, blogs and other content.