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Life can be a rollercoaster for a small business owner or solopreneur. As a solopreneur, you can feel like you are responsible for everything from product creation to customer service and so much more. It can all become so overwhelming, as there is only so much that you can accomplish on your own. That's where I come in! As a specialist in the entrepreneurial and solopreneur world, I believe that no one should have to do it all themselves. Whether you are in need of additional team members or external services, I am here to provide support and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of this world. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you figure out the best way to move forward and stay sane while doing it.


If you are looking for someone to help you with your business, you need someone who gets the job done and can help you out at the same time. Someone who takes tasks off your to-do list to free up your time for other aspects of your business, is a go-getter, and delivers tasks and projects in a timely manner. Additionally, someone who is creative and can assist you in brainstorming ideas that will help expand your business and increase your following. Data-driven and displaying good listener skills, this person will have an understanding of who you are and where you want your business to go. The right person is essential to growing your business, and will help you focus on delivering great products and services.

With fifteen years of customer service and freelance writing experience, I have honed my skills in journalistic composition, creative storytelling, how-to guides, blog posts and email marketing. Not only do I bring twelve years of editing/proofreading expertise to the table but also seven years' worth completing various social media tasks on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram Youtube & BeeKonnected while having even worked as a Community Manager for Facebook itself! My ability to arrange travel plans has further been expressed through three solid productive yet fun filled yearly vacations planned by me alone. But it's not just about what can be done that motivates me -I love learning new methods or techniques which you could put into practice so your business shines brighter than ever before; finding ways to make all processes efficient is always at heart when tackling any obstacle ahead.

I am proud to say that I have earned two degrees in the area of writing and language

studies. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in Literature,

and a Minor in Political Science from Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph,

Missouri. Since then, I have furthered my studies in writing and literature, by earning a

Masters in Fine Arts for Creative Writing, with an emphasis in Fiction, from National

University in La Jolla, California. These two degrees have allowed for me to develop a

more complete and versatile knowledge of literature and writing, which I plan to apply in

various ways throughout my career.

Between running my own business and being a mom, I love exploring different areas of life:

God & faith, our family (including the four-legged members!), holistic health to keep us all

in tip top shape. Along with writing for fun--I'm often off on an adventure digging up

knowledge about random topics under the sun! And I'm definitely not one who turns down

trying a new slice from an unexplored pizza joint!

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